Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YouTube of the Month

It's summer, and warmer temperatures mean great opportunities to play in the water with your dog, if you have one who is so inclined. At the moment, I'm waiting for Adam to finish up some things and hoping that he will agree to come out to the lake with the big dogs and I. If he can come out and help me with Heffner, I'm going to attempt to get the big boy to jump off a boat dock. Which will entail me jumping into the water. And hopefully that will kick his "save momma" drive into gear and he will jump in after me. That's the theory. Not so sure that it'll actually work, but the chances go up higher if someone is holding him back. While he enjoys swimming in pretty much all bodies of water, we haven't had much luck at the few dock dogs practices that we've gone to.

So while I'm crossing my fingers that things will work out in our favor tonight, my pick for YouTube of the Month for August is a clip from the Big Air division of a 2007 DockDogs competition. Enjoy!

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