Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanna Know What's Gross?!

I have a story. A true story about an event that happened this past Sunday evening. As I've told several people about it, I realized that the story sounds a lot like those grosser than gross jokes that I told as a kid. So here goes.

Wanna know what's gross?

Ruthie is a poop eater.

Wanna know what's grosser than gross?

She ate Bora's poop on Sunday night.

Wanna know what's grosser than that?

She vomited said poop back up on Bora's dad!

I sh*t you not (pun totally intended)! Sunday evening we had Bora and her parents over for a fun BBQ. At one point, we put the big dogs away and brought Ruthie and Bora in to the media room to watch a little True Blood with all four of us. Ruthie's face smelled an awful lot like poo. And she happens to be a poo eater. And Ruthie had already done her poppin' for the day, which left Bora's poo. Super!

Bora's dad called Ruthie over to come sit on his lap on the couch. We turned the lights off and started watching a little True Blood. Then Ruthie made a burping noise and Bill said that he thought she puked a little. We turned on the lights and sure enough, Ruthie up-chucked the poo she ate. Right onto Bills shorts, leg, the couch, and the carpet. Awesome!

I seriously couldn't even make this stuff up! We'll put that one under The Ruthie Chronicles.;0)


Mia said...

Poor Ruthie!!!

Mango said...

Oh dear.