Friday, September 30, 2011

Cool Story!

This story ran in the Denver Post a few days ago and was circulated on an email list. I thought that I would pass it along! The before and after pictures of the dane's legs are pretty incredible!

Not much else to pass along here. It looks as though Larger Than Life is winning in the poll. I realized shortly after posting on Wednesday that not everyone necessarily is all too familiar with the Backstreet Boys, so here are the music videos of the three songs that I'm trying to decide between:

"Shape Of My Heart"


"Larger Than Life" (couldn't find the actual music video, but at least this is the song)

Happy weekend everyone!! The danes and I are headed down to Salem tomorrow for a CPE agility trial!

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Ximena said...

Ahh, man! Listening to these songs takes me WAY back. I used to have the biggest crush on Brian, haha. I think we even had the Ken-BSB dolls at some point lol.

Onto more important things, ahem. Larger than Life has that ironic feel to it. I mean, really, Dane = Larger than Life, right?! Hah.

But seeing as it wasn't one of their more popular songs, I'd go with Everybody (Backstreet's Back).

They had so many good songs -- I don't know how you managed to wittle them down to just three!