Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Back, Phew!

I'm back from a great conference in Austin, TX! I have to tell you, while I understand that theoretically if you live there you get used to the heat, but in actuality, I don't know how people do it! And it wasn't even as hot while we were there as it was the week before! Thank goodness for air conditioning!

The dogs were VERY happy to have their mommy home. Heffner kept nose bumping me and followed me every where around the house that I went. Bess was licking me constantly like I was a lollipop. Her favorite spot was my chin. If I hadn't stopped her, I'm not sure how long she would have gone on for! Ruthie was leaping around me and happy to race around the back yard with me. Definitely good to be home! And both hubby and the dogs survived my absence!;0)

Not a whole lot to report otherwise. It was an academic conference, so LOTS of talks with a couple of poster sessions thrown in. I picked up some great ideas for a project that I'm going to pitch to my boss next week. I learned all sorts of seemingly random things. At first I was disappointed that the talks were scheduled in 15 min. increments, but with the number of people presenting and the fact that these talks were scheduled from roughly 7:30am until 5:00pm or 6:00pm, 15 min. is about the maximum length of time that I could pay attention to any one topic. All good stuff though!!

This afternoon Adam and I headed out with the dogs to get a professional family portrait taken! I picked a really pretty area that's fairly close to our house and the photographer met us out there. She got lots of shots of us together as well as individual shots of each dog. I'm really excited to see how they turn out!

There were a couple of down sides to the outdoor shoot. For one, today was hot. I was not planning on this and I was less than pleased given the fact that two out of my three dogs are usually quite panty in relatively warm weather and this was enough to make all three pant and be generally hot. I brought a spray bottle along with me and kept misting them, but it didn't help. The other problem we had involved Miss Bess' prey drive. We did the shoot near some ponds that have ducks in them who are used to being fed by people. Bess fixated on the ducks any time they were even close to us. Her focus is complete. There is no food and no toy that can distract her. So that made things interesting. And of course, trying to get three dogs to look at the camera, hold a position, and have good expressions and ears is a feat in and of itself! happy Wednesday everyone! Tomorrow the dogs and I are off to the beach for a little work related "retreat" of sorts. I'm heading down really early so that the danes at least can run off some steam on the beach before we meet up with everyone else.

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