Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!  I haven't really done a lot of posing Miley with props up until more recently.  She's sloooooowly getting used to it.  Though pretty much everything manages to go in her mouth first before it ends up on her.  That's also how she likes to put her coat on for her evening walks.....Heffner, meanwhile, is an old pro!

Painting toe nails is still, most definitely, out.  Heffner would totally cooperate, but Miley would have a really hard time staying still long enough for all of the nails to dry.  I'm just not feeling the whole abstract, nail polish on the carpet look.

Earlier this week, I undertook putting together a Valentine's Day card box.  You know, the kind that we used to make in grade school? ;)  The box was for a card exchange at work.  You might be a little skeptical, but I have to admit, I really like giving out Valentine's Day cards!  Some of us in the lab started doing this a few years back and we've continued on each year.  This year we added in the Valentine's Day boxes after doing some reminiscing from grade school days.  There's something that just feels good about giving out those cute cards.  Just a cute little note to people that conveys a warm message.  And they're also really well received if you give the kind with the temporary tattoos! ;)

Because I'm apparetly a glutton for punishment, I didn't gate the dogs out of the office/craft room where I was putting the box together.  The room that, aside from the bathrooms, is the smallest room in the house.  Naturally, they had to be in there with me.  And naturally they had to start wrestling in the small space available behind me.....(and naturally, I took some pictures.  There may have also been a little sake drinking before the crafting started.....just a smidge)

After the pictures and while the wrestling was finishing up, I was thinking to myself, it would be funny to capture that on video!  D'oh!  I obviously have a camera and a tripod!  After I got everything together and got it all set up, the dogs had settle down.  But they were still plenty interested in what exactly I was doing.  Heffner lost interest after a bit, but Miley wanted to see how things unfolded.  This video is the result:

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