Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miley - November and December 2014

November and December were pretty busy months with the holiday season in full swing!  Work was also busy as we hustled to get the needs of various projects met by the end of the year.  This meant that, again, I wasn't taking a TON of pictures and video.  Though I was still trying to capture the dogs in various hilarious or adorable moments.  Wait.  Yeah, I guess for me that's just about all their moments. ;) First we have the adorable moments:

The hilarious moments require a little more explanation.  First we have Miley "helping" me to fold laundry.  She usually wants to be where ever I am.  And if I'm doing something rather boring (i.e. anything that doesn't involve interacting with her), she will usually find a way to keep herself occupied.  In this case, it involved checking out the world under the bed and finding a new toy in the bed ruffle that I stuffed under there because I just hadn't gotten around to throwing it out.

Then there are those times where she's just being Miley.  Rolling around on the carpet, doing whatever.....

At the beginning of December, Miley had her second dog show.  And her breeder was even there to see her.  Unfortunately it was about this time that Miley hit a growth spurt.  She got a little lankier and her front end got a bit narrow.  Yep, the princess is going through an "ugly duckling" phase (I use the " " because looking at that face, I find her anything but ugly).  It happens.  We'll ride it out and keep that pretty picture of the 8 week old puppy in mind.  Regardless, she continued to improve in the ring and I was pleased with how she took everything in.  I got to catch up with friends outside of the ring and there was even an ugly Christmas sweater contest going on as well as a crate decorating contest!  But I'll leave those pictures for one of my monthly Christmas posts. ;)

Also during December, Miley and Heffner got to be participants in another one of Bobbie's Train the Trainers workshops!  I will embarrassingly admit that I hadn't done a ton of core strengthening exercises with Miley up to that point.  We'd played around a little bit, but I was having a hard time being at all consistent with it.  So she was not as confident on the equipment as she is now.  But she was a good tool for the trainers to learn with.  Bobbie nabbed some pictures during the session. :)

As you might guess, Miley had a pretty great time. ;)

And not surprising, there was plenty of hiking to be had!

And as I already mentioned, I'm going to leave the Christmas related pictures for the monthly Christmas posts. ;0) We're almost all caught up with Miley moments!  Then I can get back to posts that don't involve trying to summarize a month or two at a time!  I'll leave you with a video of the random moments of the dogs throughout November and December.

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Jennifer said...

Love it! I have a few pics of Rio with his head and half his body under the bed......wonder if it's a Dane thing? Haha I'm really enjoying these Miley recaps and watching her transform and grow. Thanks again for sharing with us! ☺