Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miley - August 2014

One of my favorite thing about the summer months, is being able to open the house at night to let the, usually, cooler air flow through and freshen everything up.  And then in the mornings, being able to leave the sliding door open so that the dogs can come and go as they please while I enjoy some coffee.  And, you know, to let the puppy play in her pool at 6 am........Miley LOVED that pool!  Unfortunately, there were a couple of negatives about it.  For one thing, it caused her to ingest a LOT of water.  Lots of water plus puppy bladder meant that she basically had reverted back to the peeing frequency of an 8 week old puppy.  The other problem was post pool zoomies combined with distracted me who would often leave the sliding door open.  The sliding door that leads into one of the few carpeted areas in my house.  Ug!  Both of these instances you'll see in the video:
August turned out to be a pretty busy month.  I had a project at work that had a pretty busy and aggressive timeline that ended my lunches at home.  Miley was a champ and handled being crated during the day with no problems.  Naturally, I felt guilty.  During August, Miley's brother Diesel came over for a visit!  The two of them were so cute together!

Also during August, Ginnie, a female dane puppy close in age to Miley, came and visited with us for a couple of weeks.  As you might imagine, it was non stop play time at our house. :) I didn't take a ton of pictures while Ginnie was here, sadly.  But I did take a few as well as some video clips that I are included in the big video that I'll  post at the end.

Also during August, both Miley and Heffner got to be training tools for one of Bobbie's Train the Trainers sessions!  It was helpful to have both dogs there for the trainers to get hands on with both a senior giant breed dog as well as a quite young giant breed puppy.  I hadn't done a ton of work with Miley on our stability equipment at home, so a fair bit of the exercises were still quite new to her.  She handled the situation like a champ and while hesitant on a couple of pieces of equipment, she got over it pretty quickly and loved getting all the attention from her new admirers. ;) I did manage to snap a couple of pics from the session and here's Miley:
Throughout the month, Heffner was slowly getting more and more tolerant of Miley.  He was pretty solid with her outside, which allowed me to capture these heart melting moments...

THESE were the moments I was waiting for.  This was the result that I knew I would get if I took my time with their introduction and made sure that both dogs were comfortable with the situation.  I can't even begin to tell you what this meant to me to see Heffner starting to fall in love with this little girl. :) Inside the house we were having success as well...

And in case you're wondering, yes, still sassy and naughty. ;)

But have no fear, I had my own fun with the little gremlin ;)

A coworker turned this picture:
Into something along the lines of her name sake....

And as always, there was lots of hiking to be done....

Wrapping up the month of August, here are the various random video clips:

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