Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Miley - July 2014

Moving right along, we have Miley moments from July of last year! :)  Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of July is the 4th.  Unless you live in the Portland area and really like beer, because then it's the big brew fest at the end of the month. ;) Last year I hosted a gathering of friends for the holiday and Miley couldn't have been more pleased that I invited so many people over to play with her.  There were so many people to coerce into playing her games and so much sassiness to be spread!  By the end of the night, as things were winding down, she was so tired that she actually put herself to bed in her crate.  Sometimes a sassy girl knows when she's run out of sass.  Before she was too pooped, a friend of mine did snap this cute picture of a snuggle moment with the busy body:
Before people started showing up, I thought that I would try getting some appropriate holiday related pictures of Miley in.  Why not try getting her to hold a flag?!  Shouldn't be too hard since pretty much everything ends up in that mouth any way.  My timing with the camera was not quick enough to capture the split second moments where Miley was doing what I was going for.  But I did manage to get these:

I was hoping for something a little more posy, since the little smart ass had started doing this:
Yes, that's a metal dumbbell and yes she was more than happy to hold it.  What the....At the end of that video she actually took off out the open sliding glass door to do laps around the yard with her prize.  Once I'm all caught up I'll do a separate post on where she's at with the various dumbbells right now, what we're working on and how things seem to work and make sense to Miley.  Each of my dogs has been quite different!
One thing that was becoming more readily apparent was that Miley was doing some serious growing!  That little puppy that used to fit so easily in my lap was growing out of it. :( That didn't stop her from parking it in the same general location though. ;)

It's a habit that she really hasn't outgrown.  She liked having her snuggle in the lap time.  There were occasional mornings where she would whine a little while wandering around looking a little lost as I was getting ready for work.  Eventually I'd sit down on the ground and she'd happily crawl over my lap, grab a toy and be happy as a clam.  Talk about melting my heart!
During this time, Miley was enjoying the benefits of being too small to ride in the canopied truck bed (plus Heffner would not have been okay with that yet).  It was Miley as my co-pilot riding shot gun!  Thankfully she was quite well behaved.  I tried her in the back of the cab, but she wouldn't stop bitching about my driving, so to the front seat she got to go.
Her only complaint was that it was hard finding a comfortable sleeping spot after a tiring hike.

One of my favorite things to do was to capture the cute Miley.  And the sassy Miley that inevitably came out whenever she had to behave for any length of time.

Have I mentioned that she was opinionated???
Throughout the month, there was plenty of hiking to be had.  We continued going to the usual easy trail:

But also started spicing things up by changing the scenery slightly as well as the terrain.

As the weather started to warm up, I started slowly introducing Miley to a kiddie pool to help her keep cool as she was gallivanting around the back yard.  Once she got the whole pool thing figured out, there was no stopping her!  She was in and out constantly.  First thing in the morning after peeing, she would run over to the pool.  Any time she was allowed outside, the pool was her place to be.  She never got tired of it and I was endlessly entertained by watching her.
During July we also made another trip out to my parents'.  Miley was bigger and more relentless with her need to play with Jazz. he he he

One thing I did forget to mention previously was that shortly after I brought Miley home, I found out that one of my neighbors in the next cul de sac over has a great dane puppy that's a month older than Miley!  Naturally, we got the puppies together for walks and play dates.  We still do the walks, though we haven't done an off leash play date in a little while with the weather causing our back yards to be too mucky for romping and wrestling.  Or at least too mucky for the humans to want to clean up the dogs afterwards. ;)
I know what you're thinking now.  This post needs more Heffner!  I so totally agree. :)

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