Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I had a passing fancy to get up before the crack of dawn and maybe try a little bit of the crazy Black Friday shopping. Then I came to my senses, remembered that I hate large crowds of people, and decided to sleep in instead! Fabulous idea!! And as a matter of fact, I won't even set foot outside the house until we leave for agility league practice later on tonight!

On the flip side, we've got a whole lotta stuff around the house has needed to be done. Our contribution for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday was a pie. My husband is a wonderful cook and can make the most delicious stuff! However, the man has the crazy skill of being able to dirty at LEAST twice as many dishes as most normal people would use to make the same exact item. So we had an over flowing sink and some filthy counters also full of dirty dishes that were awaiting us this morning. Thankfully that's all finished!

I also had a ridiculous amount of laundry to get through. I love the part of doing laundry where you put the clothes in and you switch them between the washer and dryer. However, I hate folding and putting the clothes away. Which is why I usually end up having to fold at least a couple of weeks worth of laundry at a time. Also probably another reason why I hate folding laundry, because I always have so much of it to do!

I made a point of finishing my cleaning of the Ball Studio though! I swept and mopped the floor on Wed. morning. This morning I scrubbed and cleaned each individual mat piece and all of the balls. They're now all leaned up and drying. Tomorrow I'll blow up all the balls and get the mats back into place. I will finally have things back in order!
The highlight of the day was definitely getting down all of the Christmas decorations!!! Here's the bulk of what was up in the attic. There are several boxes that are downstairs right now in addition to this.

Doesn't Heffner look like he wants to be so helpful?? I'll let you in on a little secret. I was munching on a granola bar while I took the picture. That's actually what his eyes are gravitating to. That boy is ALWAYS hungry!!

All-in-all it's been a very chill day. Lots of cleaning and organising and then agility league tonight for a nice little break and some exercise for the dogs.

Today I am thankful that the Ball Studio is almost back in working order so that I don't even have to set foot outside my house on those days when I'm just not that motivated to exercise the dogs!:o)

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M.T. said...

I read the whole post and my main thought was: OMG, i'm so like you when it comes to laundry!!! LOL