Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

Those of you who I'm sending Paw It Forward presents to, I haven't forgotten you!! I'm just running behind. I have the presents and I have the boxes, I just need to pack everything up and send them off!

My pick for Blog of the Week is Evolution of Darwin! She's a lovely blue great dane who lives just a few hours north of us in the Seattle area! There are lots of great pictures and videos to be found on the blog of Darwin as she's gone from a wee puppy to a much larger puppy! So go and say hi to her!:o)


Training my Mammoth said...

What is Paw it Forward? I've tried looking it up but couldn't find it. Even though I'm too late to get in on this round, it sounds like something I'm interested in out here.

brooke said...

Aww blog of the week! Thanks for the shout out!