Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blogger Tuesday

The above picture was done by Keli, who is someone I met through our local dane group. Obviously she also has danes, in addition to some other critters. She was really nice and emailed me to let me knew that she had created this picture of Heffner for me!! How cool is that??
Well folks, the Iditarod is well under way with the ceremonial start on Sat. and the official restart on Sun.! In addition to the official web site, there's a blog that I would like to highlight where you can also get a fair amount of information in addition to pictures and lots of videos from the ceremonial start!! My pick for Blog of the Week is Backstage Iditarod! You will definitely want to go and check this blog out!!
All of the excitement surrounding the race and just the sheer power of racing sled dogs has me seriously contemplating volunteering to help out at the Iditarod. It's something I've actually sort of day dreamed about. I know that I absolutely don't want to race it, but it would be really great just to be a part of that big race. And I know that they can use all the help that they can get. I know that it'll be a LOT of hard work and very little sleep, but it was just be so AWESOME!! I'm shooting for going up and volunteering in 2012. I know it seems like a little far in advance to plan for, but that's about when I can set aside the vacation time for that. It's not something that you do for just a couple of days. It's something that you really need to commit to.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

love the pic! the race sounds like something i would love to volunteer for too!

Emma Rose said...

Thanks for the link. You might be interested in this site too. http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/
Mrs. K over at Dog Daze is a volunteer this year and is posting the experience on her blog.

Schwang said...

The pic looks so great. Wouldn't that be amazing to volunteer for it?