Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Go Click Challenge!! I'm really trying to focus on learning more about training in general in addition to specific disciplines. I've mentioned previously that one of the areas I'm lacking in is getting my dogs to think for themselves. I just really haven't done a whole lot with them. More specifically, I haven't done a whole lot of clicker training. And it's so fun! The part that I tend to get stuck on is figuring out what I want to clicker train the dogs to do. Yes, I could start by working on agility or obedience behaviors, but I kind of wanted something all together different to try with them. This blog has weekly clicker challenges!! They give you a different movement to train to a clicker each week. And then people post their videos of their dogs doing the various challenges! It's awesome!! I've already started working on this week's challenge.

On a side note, does anyone know of any free video editing software that can be downloaded off the web? I'm completely clueless in this area and I've got videos that I would like to edit and shorten up so that I can post them.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

yay! i like that it makes me train something for a week!

I used to use the free software that came with my computer. if you have windows, windows movie maker is a decent program. Now I use Sony Vegas but that was purchased.

Kennedy said...

Lindsay, the videos I had sent you before with music etc from the AKC trial in October were edited using the software on Windows - as LL&V above said, Windows Movie Maker. Pretty simple, easy to use, and free.

Lindsay said...

Thanks ladies!!

M.T. said...

Have to chime in on Windows Movie Maker, it's a pretty decent software for being free and Windows! That's what i use.

Colby said...

If you have a mac imovie is pretty good. I've been using that for most of my videos.

Now I'm trying to make the jump to Adobe Premiere Pro. It's pretty complex, but much more flexible then imovie.

Good luck with your video editing.