Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magazine of the Month

My pick for Magazine of the Month for March is Best Friends! This was a magazine that I got as part of a promotional pack from an event that I currently can't remember. It's a magazine that is based around animal rescue. It's primary focus is dogs and cats, but there are stories about other animals and what is being done to help them. The stories run the whole gambit from shorts about individual rescue groups, to breed specific rescue articles, to individual animal articles, to who's doing what to help what animal/group, to stories about all animal havens. There are a lot of heartwarming articles in here in addition to the ones that make you wish there was a mandatory spay and neuter law for certain people. If you're interested in learning more about rescue organisations and groups, or you just want to read some great articles, then check out this magazine.

As a side note, I finally figured out how to go about voting for the blogs on the site. It's not terribly obvious. You have to go into their blog to find the information. If you're interested (again, no pressure, but we'd love it if you voted for us!) you can go here for the information.

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