Monday, March 15, 2010

Web Site of the Month

My pick for Web Site of the Month is Dog Run Dog! We are having some crazy late spring like weather here in the Pacific Northwest that has me really thinking about road races for the spring, summer, and early fall! This site has all sorts of helpful information if you're looking to get started running/jogging with your dog. There's an informational blog with all sorts of helpful tips. There's a Health section that discusses some of the various things that you need to think about while running with your dogs. There are lots of helpful and fun links that you can check out, a store for various dog related stuff, and a listing of races that are promoted as dog friendly.

I took the dogs on a really nice run tonight! I believe the temperatures got into the mid 60's today and now that we've jumped ahead an hour (as much as I hate losing that hour!), we have day light longer! It was just a great night for a run and I really love that we can see on-coming things like idiots on bicycles who think it's a great idea to completely ignore the generous bike lane along one stretch of our route, in favor of riding on the sidewalk. I am not a fan of stupidity and I did NOT budge on the sidewalk. Considering that the dogs and I take up the entire width of that stretch of sidewalk, it was incredibly difficult for the "intellectually challenged" cyclist (I use the term loosely) to get around us without going into the bike lane. Heaven forbid!! Otherwise, it was a lovely night.:o) And it got me really pumped up for the upcoming road race season. Since I completely missed out last year due to conformation conflicts and a stress fracture during the peak season, I'm looking forward to at least a few 5K's this summer with the dogs. I'm not entirely sure what the season will hold for me triathlon wise. I have a feeling that the only race I may possible enter is going to be one of the Hagg Lake races and certainly no olympic distances this year either. I'm just not as psyched about triathlons as I used to be. It also doesn't hurt that the price of entries has sky rocketed to a ridiculous amount!

Hmmmm....I do seem to be rambling just a wee bit.;) I hope everyone is having a lovely night and I'm off to torment my unsuspecting pooches!!


MurphyDog said...

Murphy's Mom here. We sure seem to have a lot in common. I'm training for a half marathon right now and tryin to figure out which triathlons to do here in San Diego this year as well!

I was old were your dogs before you started running with them? I want to take Murphy out (he's almost 14 months old) but I'm worried about the exercise being too much for a still growing dane.


Lindsay said...

It's always better regardless of their age if you can run them on soft ground versus pavement. Both dogs were over a year when I started running with them. I just kind of watched them and if they looked like they were getting bored, tired, not interested, then I would stop and just slowly build up the distance that we did. It was harder with Heffner because he ALWAYS wanted to be with me regardless, so I had to regulate him more. Considering how much they romp around and run on their own, I just made sure that I started out with a distance that was less than what they would do off leash and worked up from there. If you have some place that you can take him and let him run off leash while you run, that's even better. Then he can really regulate his own pace.

Ellen said...

I'm so impressed with you! I've always had such a sedentary life and I'm trying my best to change it. I have two adorable little Shih Tzus and they love to go out for walks. Luckily we live on a lot of land so even if I don't get out with them, they love to go exploring on their own and get lots of exercise. BUT, I am really going to work on getting out each day and work up some stamina. Thanks for your blog. I'm really enjoying it.

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you like it!:)