Monday, May 10, 2010

One of Those Days.....

I know it's only Monday, but I can already tell it's going to be one of those weeks. "Thankfully" it's work related stuff that's got me wanting to bang my head against a wall. Just when it seems like enough things have gone wrong, MORE crap rolls down the hill. It's this kind of crap that seriously makes me want to quit my job and figure out how to do the dog thing full time. However, I'm not naive to the fact that "the dog thing" takes a whole heck of a lot of work and time in order to make a living at. And that's time not spent with my own dogs. And really, that kind of life change would have all sorts of stresses associated with it at least initially. So I'm back to just sucking it up and waiting for the next thing to go wrong, as they seem to inevitably do over the past few months.

It's days like these though, that I appreciate my dogs so much more! We had our private obedience lesson today and as always it was so much fun and I came away with my head ready to burst from all the information. Thankfully in a good way.;o) The dogs did really well, though I have to admit that Bess did REALLY well. I'm so happy with her heeling, her automatic sits, and how she's really figured out what I mean when I say "get in" while getting her to scoot her butt in on a crooked sit. Heffner was Mr. Happy Heeler, which is always cute! Just generally one of those sessions where you wish that it could be like this all the time. Why can't I just spend my days training my dogs and maybe a few others?:)

Maybe this week just seems harder because we're going to be leaving for a vacation on Sunday. We're leaving for two glorious weeks to go to St. Lucia for the wedding of some friends of ours. Sadly, the dogs will not be going with us (unfortunately we don't have our own private jet!). They will be staying up at Bess' breeder Georgia's though. This is the first time that both Adam and I are going to be gone for a lengthy bit of time that we couldn't have a family member staying at the house 24-7. We've been quite lucky in the past. However, I'm really happy with this arrangement. Georgia has her property nicely fenced off into large chunks of separate dog runs. Heffner and Bess will be able to hang out and still play together, without some idiot at a doggy day care trying to throw Heffner into an overcrowded day care session and wondering why it doesn't work so well. Plus, Georgia obviously has a dane savvy vet close by that she can run either dog off to should something happen. Mostly it comes down to peace of mind knowing that someone who REALLY knows what they're talking about and won't put my dogs into uncomfortable situations, will be looking after them while we're gone. I'm still going to miss them dreadfully though!

So yes, we're going to be out of the country for a couple of weeks (family will be watching the house and taking care of the cats). Hence why I've spent the majority of this month's posts hammering out my monthly goals! I decided to take a bit of a break today and just meander on the blog. I will be back to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.;o)


brooke said...

Darwin loved staying with Georgia. She even got raw bone treats while there! Bess and Heffner will love it!
Sounds like a NICE and much needed vacation! Enjoy it!

The Thundering Herd said...

Getting ready for vacation always seems to too much work, but the reward is so sweet! Have fun on the vacation.

M.T. said...

That is great that Bess and Heff will be well taken care of! I'm always so concerned about where to leave them to be cared for if/when we do go on an extended vacation somewhere! Hence, still no vacations yet ever since we got Dante!

It's awesome that you are able to get away ... we expect lots of photos!!! ;)

Jennifer H. said...

eeeks what will I do without a Bess and Heff update for two weeks???? ;) I hope you have a super fabulous time and I am totally jealous. :)