Thursday, May 6, 2010

Product of the Month

My pick for Product of the Month is the GoGo 10 Panel Exercise Pens w/Door. Having an x-pen for each dog is incredibly convenient in many circumstances. Dog shows, camping, trials, and just travelling in general. Having a couple of x-pens in many of these situations just makes things a lot easier for me. For one, the x-pens are sturdier than a soft crate, which is what I usually bring along for travel with the dogs. While it's not really a big deal with Bess, Mr. Paws-a-lot isn't 100% reliable in the soft crate just yet. The x-pens are also a lot larger, allowing me to put a full size dog bed in there while still giving the dogs room to stretch and an area to put a water bucket without worrying that it'll drench something if it gets knocked over.

The only other thing that I was worried about was price. I didn't want to pay a small fortune for them since I was going to need the tallest height (48") and I was going to need two of them. These GoGo X-Pens are only $85.99! That's really a great price. Granted you'll pay a little bit for the shipping, but it was well worth it for me in the long run.

While I will admit that I wasn't thrilled about the doors on them initially, I actually kind of like them now. It does make getting objects in and out of the area a little annoying when you have to stoop down to get through the door, but it's a minor annoyance. I like having a door that will "lock" shut without me having to worry about bringing along clips and what not.

The only other thing that I was potentially worried about with these x-pens was that they originally appeared as though they were all of one piece. I preferred pens that I could open up and connect together to make one more giant enclosed area. It turns out that these ones just have a rod that you pull out and they open up, allowing you to connect more than one. Perfect!

So far I'm really happy with them! They also fold down nice and small.


houndstooth said...
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Kennedy said...

It looks like they come with the top, too? I like that...greater stability.

Lindsay said...

Unfortunately they don't come with a top. Or at least mine didn't. Though I wouldn't be surprised. This is the same company that showed my soft crate coming with a carry strap and it didn't actually have one.