Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pine Grove Trip

Today I packed up the dogs and we headed out to Pine Grove for some romping and relaxing with my parents. My dad was spending some time working on the little cabin that he's building up there. Heffner decided to "help" him out.;o)

And just our luck, there was an animal skull of some sort near the cabin. Heffner found it and brought it up to us to show it off and apparently try to use it as chew toy.

When he continued chewing on the skull, my dad decided to put it up where he couldn't get to it. I think my dad was going to use it for something. The only place to put it "up" was one of the trees. Heffner wasn't too happy with losing his new toy and tried a few attempts at getting it out of the tree.

Meanwhile, Bess was having a great time digging holes and pruning some bushes. For whatever reason, whenever we go there, she goes crazy digging holes. I caught her in the act with this one!
After hanging out at the cabin for a while we headed out for a little hike. Along the way we came across this little guy!!

Since the weather was a little warm, we popped by a pond to let the dogs get something to drink and cool off a bit.

When we got back to the cabin, Bess made herself a little bed under one of the trees and settled in.
We all had a great time and now we're just hunkering down and relaxing at home, looking forward to sleeping in on the holiday Monday!! We have our obedience lesson tomorrow in the afternoon that I'm looking forward to. I haven't done much training with the dogs since we got back and they obviously had two weeks off. So it should be interesting!


The Thundering Herd said...

Looks like a great trip. And finding a skull is such a bonus.

brooke said...

great pictures!
Thats a crazy skull Heff found!