Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quiet House

Today I dropped the dog's off at the ole Daynakin Ranch. I know that it's completely absurd, but I was honestly a little choked up when I left. They're in the best possible care that they could be and I can go on our trip with my mind at ease. None the less, I'm still really sad not to have them with me up until the moment that I leave. I'm just so used to having them with me every possible minute, that I almost feel naked without them.

As I was driving home, I drove along one of our running routes and I could picture me jogging along the sidewalk with a dog on each side. As I was vacuuming the house tonight, it was so strange not to have Bess in the background and Heffner following on my heels (literally!) waiting for me to get out the hose so that he could attack it. After I got off the treadmill it was so odd to do my stretches without Heffner standing over the top of me or positioning himself just so, so that I could rest my head on his leg. There was no Bess to come racing down the stairs when she realized that Heffner was getting attention that she wasn't. I also didn't have to worry about her stepping on my head in her exuberance. As I was puttering around later on finishing a few things up, there was no Bess to ram her in my butt at an odd moment when I least expected it. And as I sit here typing this, the dogs beds are empty and there are no dogs occasionally getting up to check in with me and get some loves. It's just so quiet and empty around here without them.

And now that I've gone and gotten all depressing on everyone (or at least anyone who is still reading at this point!), I now need to change my focus to beautiful Caribbean beaches, yummy fruity drinks, soaking in all sorts of great things, and LOTS of sunblock (I put the white in white girl)! You can definitely count on me to take lots of pictures and we should have internet access while we're down there. I'm bringing my laptop with me and I'll probably do a few posts while we're down there that won't be necessarily dog related. I have a feeling that no one will really mind.:o)


MurphyDog said...

I know exactly what you are going thru Lindsay...even though I was leaving Murphy with my folks for the 2 weeks I was in Australia, it was still so hard to say goodbye. They are such a part of our beings that its tough when they are not around.

Needless to say, I had a fabulous time on my trip as I'm sure you will. Have at least one or two tropical drinks with umbrellas for me, and have fun!

Debbie (Murphydog's Mom)

The Thundering Herd said...

Leaving them to go on a non-dog vacation is tough, but they are in great hands and you should have a great time.

Training my Mammoth said...

I know exactly how you feel. The past two years we've gone on vacation and even though the dogs were able to stay home, I still got choked up leaving the house. It's such a weird, weird feeling.

Even though you'll be thinking of them all the time, you'll feel much better once you land! Have a great time, I'd love to see the pictures. I haven't been able to travel there (or to any island) yet so I'll take a vicarious trip.

Leah said...

Oh I completely understand how you feel and its so nice to hear that I'm not the only one who goes through this! I am planning a trip next summer--my youngest is graduating high school, my oldest is graduating with her associates degree and I am getting my bachelors--its a significant summer. I am already planning small visits with the kennel so my babies feel comfortable and happy there. We haven't left them for any significant time....ever. I don't know if it will be harder on them or us.