Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

I know what you're thinking, could it be a third post in a row??? Guess it's just one of those freaky weeks where it worked out! Oh yeah, and I've sort of been skipping out on my physical therapy exercises. My excuse is that I will go back to them, but I was getting worn down by spending so much time doing them every single day.

I know what you're thinking now. This chick has been whining a fair bit lately. Maybe more frequent posting isn't such a good idea.;0)

In trying to get back into my old routine, I have a Blog of the Week! My pick is Many Muddy Paws! I love the variety of dogs that she has (just added a fifth and a border collie to boot!) as well as the variety of dog sports that her dogs participate in. And of course we can't forget the fabulous pictures! So head on over and check them out!

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