Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well, we made it home safe and sound at 1:00am Sunday night. Not too shabby considering I originally thought that we'd get in around 2:00am. I was much better prepared this time around and was able to fight off the tired feeling towards the end there. I ended on a strong note and was quite awake when we got home. The dogs were happy to be home and sleeping on their respective beds, though Bess' involved sleeping in her crate now that she's in season.

I took most of Monday off from work since I knew I was going to be getting in late and would be worn out from the weekend to boot. I did take advantage of the time off and schedule an obedience lesson with our instructor, Jill. I probably should have rescheduled because both dogs were obviously still a bit worn out from the weekend, but we were still able to tweak some things. Namely my foot work, which got off kilter after the weekend.

Monday night we had our drill team practice, though I went without a dog. We have an intact male in the group who is now more than old enough to know exactly what's going on. And since Bess' going into season caught me by surprise, she went the whole weekend without starting on chlorophyll, to help mask her scent to the boys. She probably would have smelled quite lovely to Wally. And using Heffner as a fill in dog was out of the question since he already spent the weekend watching intact male danes parading every where, without the understanding that they were supposed to yield and be subservient to his obvious superiority.;0) It would have been fisticuffs fo' sho'!

Tuesday was spent getting back into the swing of things at work and getting things settled at home. Which now brings us up to today. Not much to say except that we made, we're doing great, and already looking forward to the weekend!LOL

Tomorrow is the talent show, which Heffner will be the sole performing dog. Hopefully he will full fill the entertaining part and pull off all the tricks we have planned. Bess has a natural naughtiness that can prove very entertaining for a crowd, and I was hoping to be able to incorporate that. Oh well!

For anyone interested, there are photos posted from the show at:

You can see the adorable harl puppy bitch that I got to take into the conformation match on Friday night in the match section. And there's several pictures of Bess scattered throughout one of the other folders as well.

And now I'm off to do some work with the dogs. They keep going into our training room, and turning around and staring at me. Bess will go in, look at me, and then lay down with a big sigh. They know what it means when I take them in there and they have obviously been a little bored the past few days. Happy Hump Day and Cinco De Mayo Eve!

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

glad you're home safe and sound! they actually WANT to train! sheesh! all mine do is stare at their food bowls and then their beds!!! lol