Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Urban Canines!! This blog is home to Kelsa the lab and Riva the natural eared doberman! Both dogs compete/have competed in performance sports, with Riva most recently getting her Rally Novice title!! And naturally, one of my prerequisites, there are pictures a plenty. The author just happens to be away from home for work related reasons, but was able to bring Riva with her. Which means that there are a pretty variety of pictures!


Urban canines said...

Thank you for thinking of us! Sadly my laptop is in for virus removal and will take several days. Hope to have back by end of weekend. The smartphone makes blogging difficult. But we will be back to regular posts soon! Thank you again! The urban canines

Pet Lover said...

Waiting for the Photos !

jen said...

We are headed over there now to pay them a visit!
Thanks for the congrats on our blog! I am so happy to have the majors out of the way!