Thursday, October 13, 2011

Agility Photo Bonanza!

What a difference a day makes!! I got into work at 6:30am today and everything went REALLY well! I feel like I have a better grasp on things at work and things are coming together to-do list wise for the national. Saturday is going to be my big errand running day with Sunday being my fun day.;0)

I also believe that I have a new pair of obedience competition shoes! Adam and I stopped off at Famous Footwear tonight and I found a pair of shoes that I like regardless and I thought it would be fun to actually compete in them. I'm going to wear them at the obedience match tomorrow night and see how they hold up and also break them in a bit. I'm sure my obedience instructor is going to LOVE them!lol

And as promised, I have some new agility pictures of the danes for you!! All pictures are by Joe Camp, who does a fabulous job with his shots!


Lexi and Jasper the Danes said...

Gosh they are amazing photo's! Bess and Heffner look so athletic :)

I've been meaning to ask you about the agility you do with them, I'm really keen to get into it with my two - Jasper especially, he is very athletic! Your two seem to do really well in it, the one thing that has stopped me so far is the tunnel, it looks so small for such a big dog! Your two do it fine? (I would say yes from the photo)

~Laura (Lexi and Jasper the Danes

Lindsay said...

Yes, the tunnel is definitely undersized for our guys! It's a little frustrating at times, but they are definitely capable of doing, it just sometimes takes a little time. The times that I find it the roughest are when the dogs are getting tired, it's been a long day, or it's on the warm side. Then they're more likely to hesitate or Heffner will even initially avoid them on the first pass. Now that they both know the tunnel, when we practice I don't have them do it. Tunnels are now just for competition.;0)