Wednesday, October 19, 2011

App Me Baby!

I think I mentioned previously that I've finally joined the world of the smart phone users. I got the latest version of the iPhone just last week, which is the reason I was late to the obedience match. So far, I am loving it!! I've already used the maps app that comes with it and love that. I've gotten some recommendations from friends on which apps come in handy for what reasons, but I thought I would ask those of you reading this blog if you had any apps that you thought were must haves! Hopefully everyone is able to comment on the blog (I'm still having problems leaving comments on a few other blogs)! So what are you app recommendations?:0)

Tonight my obedience instructor was able to fit us in for an obedience lesson!! It's the last one that would work before we leave, so I was very thankful! After a little warm up, Heffner was actually doing really well! I would be ecstatic if I could have that dog in the ring!! Bess has also shown a lot of improvement. Her drop on recalls are great in the house, but she's creeping quite a bit elsewhere. We'll work on it and it will get as good as it gets before our actual ring time! I'm not going to stress over that. Ruthie got left at home and once I got home and let her out of her crate she was literally jumping off the walls!! That frenchie has got some serious spunk!:0)

Things are otherwise well. Between work and everything else, I'm having to start very well organised and am definitely feeling like I'm running a marathon. Tomorrow after work I head on over to the photographers to look at our proofs, pick some pictures I like, and get our Christmas cards ordered. Definitely looking forward to that! And now I've got some dogs to exercise!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Glad the dogs are doing so well in obedience!

I can't say I really use my iphone to it's full extent. The few apps I have are
- facebook
- pandora
- couch to 5k
- google
- instagram
- weather channel

Meg said...

If you like to track your runs and hikes, I recommend Nike+ GPS. I have couple of others but this is the one I tend to use the most.

Unknown said...

I mostly just download games lol. I like playing them in my spare time. :) But I imagine you're looking for the more useful ones?

In that case, the Yelp app is pretty useful to me.