Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Poisoning Not So Good

I managed to get a bit of food poisoning that knocked me out for most of Monday and part of Tuesday, so you'll have to pardon my absence. That totally threw me for a loop and has caused a little bit of chaos in my work and home schedule. I also managed to sleep through my alarm this morning and wasn't able to get any training time in with the dogs, which definitely put me in a not so great mood. And then more scheduling "issues" at work have sent me into a bit of a stress tailspin at the moment. Grrrrr!

I will have some new agility pictures of Heffner and Bess to post soon! I bought a CD of pictures from the CPE trial that we were at two weekends ago, from my favorite agility photographer. I have one more CD coming and I'll be sure to shall once I have them all. I did download some random pictures that have been sitting on my camera for about a week now and I'll just share those now.

Today Heffner had another chiropractic appointment. It took a lot less time to get him adjusted today. Things are looking great and I feel that he's in great shape heading into our trip to Arizona!

I'm slowly accumulating a long to-do list of things that need to be taken care of before we leave for Arizona. A lot of the items are little things that aren't really of high importance, but I feel need to get taken care of prior to our departure. It's going to mean using most of my lunch breaks next week to get everything done, but I can feel little bits of stress dissipating as I check things off my list.:0)

For instance, I have GOT to get a cheap pair of jeans to bedazzle for part of our parades costume!:) Definitely high priority.;) I need to purchase my on the road snacks for the trip and also for the agility trial that we're going to be attending the weekend before we leave. And why on earth did I think it was a good idea to enter an away agility trial the weekend before I leave for two weeks???? While I know that I will enjoy myself, I lose that precious weekend to finish up planning and last minute things. Not the brightest idea that I've had.

I did finally take out my awesome canopy that my darling husband bought me for my birthday. I'm really glad that it's not the EZ Up brand, because if it was, the company would have had a nasty email coming to them from me. In short, the canopy is not easy to put up and I didn't even get it all the way up. I spent an hour putting it mostly up and then taking it down. And as is the way of things, I now cannot get the canvas top to fit back in the bag like it so magically came. Not too surprising. I am definitely going to be begging some help from friends in Arizona when it's time for this lovely to go up. I'm also hoping that the host hotel will allow us to leave the canopies up for multiple days since I will be needing it for more than one day.

Bess is also making me twitchy. If she goes into season exactly six months after she went in last time (which if you'll remember, was the day before a trial at a specialty), I'm screwed. She'll go into season I believe literally the day before the obedience trial. I'm crossing all that I've got that she'll wait until after we get home to go into season, but it's really making me paranoid. She's started getting super clingy and lovey, more so than is normal. Which is usually what she starts doing about a month before she goes into season. Not a great sign. I just have to keep her away from any in season bitches (in season bitches have been known to trigger other bitches into coming into season) and keep her from getting stressed on the drive there. Sure thing! The prospect of driving home with her in season and in the canopy with Heffner is also unpleasant. Oy!

But no worries, if I didn't have anything real to worry or stress about, I'd come up with something.;0) At any rate, I know that I've got an awesome weekend ahead of me and that's keeping me going!!

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