Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie Monday

The votes are in and Bess' Parades music will be "Larger Than Life!":0) Now to get the CD burned, the dogs' individual schpeels written, and everything mailed off! With Kennedy's help, we've come up with some ideas for the dogs' collars that I think will be really cool!!

And now on to Movie Monday! Here is the conglomeration of video clips that I took of the dogs at the beach a couple of weeks ago. There are some really cute moments on there! The danes and Ruthie running around. Ruthie chasing the sea foam. Ruthie digging a hole under the truck. Bess laying Heffner out on the sand during a fit of zoomies. And this hilarious zoomy that Ruthie had which ended in a what looked like a drop on recall. Cute stuff! Enjoy!

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