Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Monday

Wow! I haven't posted since Wednesday! Needless to say, things have been busy. Thur. evening I went to see the photographer who took our family portraits and to get things set up for her to print a Christmas card for us. The pictures turned out great and I was really excited about them!!

Then Frid. night we had our final obedience match before the national. It went pretty well! Bess had a very happy retrieve with the dumbbell in her mouth, which is pretty huge. We're having some serious creeping in issues on the drop on recall, but we'll keep slowly, but gently working on that over the next week. Heffner was pretty decent. Distracted on his helling portion, as is usual for him, but otherwise solid enough for Beginner Novice.

Then early Sat. morning we headed up to Elma, WA for a CPE trial. I've driven up there a few times and knew that I could make it in two hours. I had planned for that. What I hadn't planned for was first getting stuck behind a cop on I-5 for 40 miles, and then getting stuck behind a semi for a bit. That didn't help. I showed up to the trial grounds just in time to set up crates, put danes in them, and walk the course. Heffner was the first dog on the line. Needless to say, the first run did not go well for either dog. It was generally just an off kind of day and that has a tendency to happen when I start my day off frazzled. Bess Qed in two out of her five runs and Heffner only Qed in one run on Sat. On Sun. they both Qed in two out of their four runs. I would like to remember off the top of my head who Qed in what, but I'd have to look at my spreadsheet because that whole weekend is now a blur! The most notable run was by Bess on Sun. in Standard. This judge had a tendency to put two tunnels back to back. That has a tendency to amp Bess up. She took off in a zooming loop, came back and finished the rest of her run for an otherwise clean run. Even with that zooming loop, she still managed to beat Heffner's time on the course!

And today I have been busy getting things set up at work for my absence and running a myriad of errands in order to be ready to leave on Wed. morning. Tomorrow is going to be crazy!! But I can't think about that right now!!

After all that rambling about to generally catch up anyone who has managed to continue reading, I do in fact have a video for you!! I edited it in the hotel room on Sat. night.:0) This video is just about putting together a variety of objects to work the dogs' muscles. You can start out simple with just a few objects and continue adding on as many as you want. You can also increase the difficulty by having the dogs change positions while on the objects. Without further ado, here's the video:


Mango said...

Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I have a therapy disk and an aerobic step that I have used separately. Never thought to string them together.

Mango Momma

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Sounds like things are looking great for the obed trial?!!
And yay for Bess doing better in agility!

I just love all the strength and balance training you do with the dogs. I wish I could be that motivated!