Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Two French Bulldogs!! You knew it was bound to happen and I can only hold out on the cuteness for so long! As the title implies, this blog is about the lives of two adorable french bulldogs. It's a very cute blog! And best of all, there are pretty much always pictures with the posts.:0) If you want some cuteness over load, head on over and check them out!

This morning I had a little mini (slightly redundant aren't we?) anxiety attack after reading an email. Slight back story. This year's great dane national specialty is being held in Litchfield Park, AZ. The festivities start in just under two weeks from now. All of the performance events are being held outside. ALL of them. Because the weather is generally warm still during that time of year, there are understandably some concerns about running dogs in performance sports during the heat of the day. In order to hopefully alleviate this problem, all performance sports will be run in the morning. This gets complicated for the rally and agility day. Because those trials are on the same day. And both trials are now being held at the same exact time. Heffner and Bess are entered in everything. That's four agility runs per dog (time to beat, fast, jww, and standard), one rally run for Heffner, and two rally runs for Bess. I did a little math in my head and I will have to know 8 different courses between the two sports, well enough to fully support my dogs during their runs. This is freaking me out a little bit. Oh yeah, and then there's the little part about running the dogs back and forth between the rings and also getting in my walk throughs. It's going to be insane.

After getting that email, like I said, I had a little mini anxiety attack and being me, I posted it on Facebook. And I have to say, I have some of the best freaking friends!!! My post was just me stress word vomiting, and then I have these wonderful people volunteering to help me hold my dogs or just help me in general. I love these people!! It's instances like that that are a perfect example of why I love going to these events. The people rock! In the end, not only did I get awesome offers of assistance from awesome friends, but I was reminded of why I love seeing and getting a chance to hang out with these people.:0)

In other news, Ruthie got introduced to the dog walk tonight. She thinks it's awesome. She also thinks that racing me to the end of it is one of the best games ever! I've been practicing with her walking on curbs, which are MUCH narrower than the actual dog walk, just so that she thinks more about foot placement, gets a better idea about keeping her balance, and gains some skill at drawing her legs more towards the midline. This last skill is definitely more difficult for a dog with such a naturally wide stance. She's been rocking it though and can race along the curbs now with no problem. So I figured the dog walk wouldn't be an issue. And it wasn't.:0) Gotta love that awesome little frenchie!

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