Sunday, June 21, 2009

Canby Dog Show Day 2

Well, today Bess took Reserve Winners Bitch. Still not too shabby. My only regret is that yesterday I should have skipped our afternoon plans (I still would have been a little late to the BBQ) and stuck around for the Group ring. To get the chance to go into the group is pretty freaking cool for me. It's something that you're just not guaranteed and would have been a really neat experience! I definitely won't make that mistake again! I do have a couple of pictures that were taken yesterday by Kim, who is Cabo's mom (he's the natural eared boy who went Winner's Dog and Best of Opposite Sex yesterday!), however, Blogger isn't letting me upload them for some reason. >:O(

The results from yesterday are (I finally got a catalog!): BOB, BOW, and WB Daynakin's Penelope. BOS and WD WCK-Olympus' Rockin' Red Racer. RWB was Valhalla's First Edition V Elan. RWD was SGD Top Dog Big Reno.

Unfortunately I was a bit distracted for the breed ring today, but here are what I'm fairly sure the results are (I apologize for any mistakes!): BOB, BOW, and WB Valhalla's First Edition V Elan. BOS and WD SGD Top Dog Big Reno. RWB Daynakin's Penelope. RWD WCK-Olympus' Rockin' Red Racer.

I also had the pleasure of taking Hunter, the rhodesian rhidgeback into the ring today (he wasn't feeling great yesterday and was scratched)! He did really well and ended up with a RWD!

Yesterday we also received a wonderful package from my friend Marissa! She made both of the dogs collars!!!

Thank you Marissa!!

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