Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Changes, They Are a Comin'!

Well, I've had my blog up and running for a little over a month now. I still totally love doing daily blog entries. I'm a total addict and check the blog multiple times a day to see if anyone has posted a comment and just to look at it (I know, I'm a total dork!). I've kept up with my original monthly goals so far and don't see any problems there. However, there are a few changes that I want to make that will at least make the blog more entertaining for myself (and probably expose more of my neuroses in the process!).;O)

Since I've started my own blog, I've been searching out other blogs and have gotten totally addicted along the way! Do you have any idea how many freaking awesome blogs there are out there???? Highlighting only one blog a month just isn't enough. However, in keeping with not wanting to over commit myself and thus burn myself out, I needed to come up with a manageable frequency. I've decided that show casing one blog a week is the ideal way to go for several reasons. I'm going to give you those reasons and hopefully not entirely bore you along the way.;O) 1)As already mentioned, I don't want to over commit and burn myself out. 2)I originally wanted to have a weekly running theme with the blog, but there were too many recurring things that I wanted to highlight and not enough days of the week. 3)In reading other people's blogs, I really like the ones that have weekly themes, even if it's only one weekly theme. 4)I need something that is quick and easy to write about on a Tue. night because I'm trying to cram so much stuff in on those days with work, Heffner's agility class, eating at some point, my daily workout, and writing the blog. The daily workout has gone out the window a few times because I've gotten a little too caught up in the daily blog entry. Oh well! In summation, because I'm really taking far too long to get around to the point, I'll be highlighting one blog every Tue.!

The other change I want to make also involves a weekly recurring theme. In addition to the Tue. Blogs, I'll have the Wed. Whys! It'll be in the form of some why question regarding dogs that I'll ramble on about. Oh joy! Won't you be the lucky reader if you tune in that day!LOL

I would also like to start this weekly trend ASAP and also make up for not starting it yesterday, even though I only thought about this today.;O) So my Tuesday Blog pick is Team 3 Dawg Flite! And I hope you'll notice that I FINALLY figured out how to add the link into the actual word instead of including the whole web site link separately! I'm kind of going with a DockDogs theme for this month! I find the Team 3 Dawg Flite blog a lot of fun to read. It's interesting reading about the dogs' exploits and see all the action pictures. I love hearing about their competitions and how they're doing. And just about the sport in general. Having a commentary from someone very active in the sport gives you an inside look at the trials and tribulations of training and competing. I definitely recommend this blog!

Now for Why Wednesday! Why is having a female dog so great? Because you get to throw the word bitch around whenever you want! Things like "she's a sexy bitch," are regularly thrown around my house. Or my favorite "she's a crazy bitch!", usually said in some sort of weird accent, is also a recurring phrase in my house. 'Cause seriously, if you've really seen Bess fully in her element, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!LOL


Life With Dogs said...

And that is why we keep two female labs in the house. :p
Team 3 Dawg Flite rules, they have been inspiring many of us to give this dock diving a try!

Kimberly said...

my mom calls me a silly bitch a lot. So, she's really not being mean I guess huh. Really I am a "bitch", it's fun being a girl dog. Except when them horn dogs come around and wont leave me alone.. WOOF I HATE THAT! Maggie was trying to hump me last night and she's a girl dog.. WTF?! iS SHE TRYING TO SHOW ME SHES BOSS???