Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magazine of the Month

My pick for Magazine of the Month is the Great Dane Gazette. You knew that I had to throw a breed specific one in there! There is just something very awe inspiring and magical about a well bred dane that is presented well!! It's part of what got me into showing in the first place! Having a whole magazine devoted to pictures of this is just a little slice of heaven! Not only do I have endless pictures of beautiful danes of every color, but there are informative articles included as well. I like to think of these magazines as research material!;O) It helps to familiarize myself with the different kennels, who's doing what, the different handlers, and of course, pedigrees. Did I mention the gorgeous pictures?? One of these days I will get an add together for Bess. We've got a nice win pic already of her. I just want a nice agility picture to go along with it!

And with that, the natives are restless. I need to go find some deer for these guys to chase!

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Anonymous said...

i just love this magazine, and wish it wasnt so expensive to get here in oz