Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Site of the Month

My pick for the web site of the month is the Cascade Dock Dogs! http://www.cascadedockdogs.org/ This is a club that we recently joined. We've only been able to make it to one practice so far due to conflicting schedules with other dog stuff. This is a really fun group of laid back people. The web site is great to for local information on the sport of Dockdogs. It's kind of exciting for me to see pictures of the dogs on the web site under the members page and for the practice that we were able to attend. Plus I think it's just really cool to see all these other dogs (who will actually jump off the competition dock!) in action. It's very cool!!

As of right now, I'm still not having any luck getting Heffner to just out right jump off of a dock. At the one practice that we've been to, he's STEPPED off of the puppy dock, but the water was shallow enough that he really couldn't swim. So we tried the competition dock and I tried getting him to go after his toy from the up ramp. He did go into the water and swim a little bit and actually look like he might retrieve his toy, but he changed his mind. I'm bound and determined to get him jumping off the dock this summer though. He really enjoys swimming, especially when I'm in the water. And it would be great to have a summer sport to do with him since he's taking the summer off from agility. AND it'll keep him cool!

Bess is still only willing to wade up to her chest, but that is further than she was willing to go the first few months that we had her. At that point she wold barely put her feet into a puddle. So that's really a huge improvement!

There's a practice at the end of the month that I'll be attending with at least Heffner. If our practices out at the lake go well enough, I would like to bring Bess, but if I can't get her to swim of her own accord, there isn't much point in bringing her to the practice.


Kimberly said...

that is very cool... I'd love to get Bell into something like that too. She loves the water and HATED it when she was a pup! Your dogs are beautiful... I love dogs... If I could I'd have a whole pack!


Life With Dogs said...

Great selection for the month - we love dock jumpers!