Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

Tomorrow morning, my husband Adam and I head off to Las Vegas with some friends for some good times!! My sister came up to stay with the dogs while we're gone, so I am very much relieved. I had stuff to do this morning at work, but once that was done I high-tailed it out of there to finish up my preparations for the trip. I did some last minute grocery shopping so that my sister would actually have food to eat while she's here. I also had to pick up some last minute travel stuff, then it was off to home to get the dogs squared away and the house!

I curried the dogs and Heffner is blowing coat like CRAZY! I wish I had the camera out there with me, but he lost more than enough hair to make a coat for a small dog! Bess is shedding a little bit, but not really all that much.

Then we all went back inside because it was crazy hot outside! I started making up some Kongs for them to have while we're away.

I like to fill the Kongs up with different concoctions and freeze them. That way it takes the dogs longer to work their way through them! Today I decided to do a mixture of canned dog food and plain yogurt. The canned food that I prefer to use is Evangers or Wellness.

I put an entire 13.2 oz. can into a tupper ware container and add about 5 large spoonfuls of yogurt. This makes it fairly creamy and smooth.

Once it's good and mixed, I fill the Kong most of the way up (I tape the bottom hole with very durable sticky tape like duct tape so that nothing oozes out before getting frozen).

I top each of the Kongs off with some of the yummy natural peanut butter that we picked up at New Seasons! The peanut butter is so sticky that it actually helps keep the oozier yogurt/canned dog food mixture from seeping out the top if the Kongs aren't sitting properly when getting frozen.

While I'm making up all of the Kongs I set them up on their ends along the back of the stove until I'm ready to baggy all of them and put them in the freezer.

I had a little bit of the filling left over and the dogs happily got that with their dinner!

Once my sister got here later this afternoon, we took the dogs out to run around a little bit and get some last bits of exercise. One of them can be a bit to handle when you're not used to it, but both of them together is a whole lot to ask of someone. So I told her to not even worry about trying to get them exercised. They'll be fine having a few days off (we're only gone for four days) and they thankfully have each other to play with! Then she had the fun of learning how to feed the dogs their yummy raw meals! I've got a whole thawing process set up between two of our refrigerators. I think she's got the hang of it!

And now I'm off to dremmel their nails since I won't get a chance until next week and I HATE going more than a week without doing their nails! Here's a final shot of the dogs who were SUPER bored while I was doing stuff around the house.:O)

I'll be sure to post about how the dogs did while we were gone and how our trip was when we get back on Sun.!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm i never thought if using canned food and yoghurt to fill their kongs with, great ideas there.
Heff and bess look like they know something is going on with you going away, they dont look very happy about it either

Andrea said...

Must try that for Mr. B since he's the one who actually won't give up if it gets too complicated to get out the stuff from the bottom of the Kong.
P.S. When I checked your blog today, I was almost thinking that you'd be posting from Vegas. Don't know what about but still...LOL

Kimberly said...