Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week this week is Chianti's Blog!! Chianti and her mom do a lot of activities together and I really enjoy hearing about their training, trialing, and life in general. And what's a dog blog without lovely pictures of a beautiful dog?;0) So head on over, check it out, and say hello!

In other news, I took both dogs out on leash after work for the first time in over a month (holy cow it's been a long time!). Since I have been taking them out separately for so long, I momentarily forgot the additive effect that they tend to have on each other. I have many times "jokingly" called Heffner Bess' balls. She knows her big brother is there to back her up and protect her and that makes for a very saucy Bess at times. I also temporarily forgot what a competition the two of them can make out of anything when I've got them together. I'm sure it was made worse by the fact that they have had to spend so much exercise time separate, but wow. The two of them were like freight trains! I have to admit that I was very thankful we didn't come across any squirrels during our jaunt because I'm pretty sure that I would have gone flying. Heffner wanted to GO and Bess was full of herself. It made for a very interesting outing!;0)

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