Thursday, February 10, 2011


Thank you everyone for the support you gave after my post yesterday!! It means a lot to us.:) Heffner is still doing fine physically, though his reactivity level has definitely gone back up. We worked on that some more today, and will continue over the weekend.

I just happened to be Googling my name today for a work related reason when I came across something that made me realize I need to post a correction. Last month I posted about Bess' first skijoring race and I mentioned that she more than cut Heffner's previous time in half. After the fact I thought it odd that it would take Heffner 46 minutes to complete a two mile course, even though there were inclines. I kind of didn't think too much more of it. Wellllll, I happened to come across the race results from Heffner's last race and I think I realize where my confusion came in. I raced him both days of the race and I was thinking of his COMBINED time for both days, which was 51 min. He was still a little bit slower than Bess on his runs, but not THAT slow!

Anyhow, in order to save his bruised honor (which he isn't even aware that he had), I had to clear the air that my dog is not a super slow poke.:0) And now I'm off to dremmel nails, shave Bess' face, and bathe both dogs 'cause we gots ourselves a dog show tomorrow!

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