Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantastic Day!

This morning we headed up to the mountain for a little snowshoeing. I was a little dubious last night since the mountain hadn't received any new snow in the past 72 hours and the temps had been rather warm during that time. The forecast for the day was also a bit glum with rain/snow mixture predicted to start in the afternoon. I was starting to think that it might be a better idea to do a regular hike instead, but we kept to the plan and I'm really glad that we did! We ended up having a really great time up there!
I had a trail in mind that I wanted to hit up and it turned out to be the perfect trail for us! About half way through we hit new, mostly untouched snow that lead into completely virgin snow! And we didn't see another person out on the trail the entire time.:) Our friends Andrea and Mike brought their bullmastiff Brody along and as you can see he and Bess didn't really care for each other.LOL They were totally hilarious! Bess loves to play chase, especially when she's in the lead. And Brody apparently loooooooves to chase after long legged chicks. It was a match made in heaven! They were running back and forth and all over the place the whole time. Brody's favorite mode of attack was to "pounce" on Bess as she would run by.

There were a few near misses and a few not so near misses as the dogs were running back and forth along the trail. When a game of chase is under way, who can be bothered going around the pesky humans??

And what would a snowshoeing outing be without a hill climb?;0) This was actually unintentional. The trail just sort of stopped in some virgin snow and we were wanting to stop and take a little break to drink some water and eat some snacks. Why not burn a few more calories before stopping by climbing the innocuous hill?

Bess found it far more entertaining to come run up the hill so that she could come careening back down at me. He brakes mostly worked. Mostly.

Once the hill had been summitted, dogs and people alike took a break for some snacks.

Now the age old dilemma. What goes up, must come down. How should we go back down the hill? I had flashbacks to the previous snowshoeing trip where my reckless butt slide down the "gentler" side of the hill had left me needing to sit on a pillow at work the next day. I was understandably leery about what would be in store for me if I again chose this route. Thankfully the snow was untouched and sliding down was a total blast!
After a little more exploring we headed back to the cars to go grab some grub at one of the local restaurants. Something that is very fast becoming a tradition! We capped off our wonderful day with great friends, with some great food! You can't get much better than that.:)


Johann The Dog said...

How fun!!!! We don't have any snow anymore, but had a fun time hiking this weekend. Snowshoeing looks fun!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Catalina said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures! I love your snow! It looks like the dogs had a ton of fun too. It has been 45F here for the last 3 days - our snow is melting :(

brooke said...

How fun! We've been wanting to get back out for another snow shoe adventure, but WHERES THE SNOW?!! :)
Looks like Bess has a new boyfriend! Perfect for Valentines Day!