Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogmas Day 19 - In Between The Pictures

I love reading various dog training blogs.  I don't have as much time for it as I would otherwise like, but that's the juggling game.  A topic that has come up throughout the year on a few of the blogs that I follow, is what goes on outside of the videos and pictures that people post.  When you're seeing video after video and picture after picture of just successes and seemingly perfect moments, it can be easy to fall into a thought process that these people always succeed.  They always have the picture perfect moments, they have the picture perfect heeling, and whatever other vision of perfection you may be striving for.  They always have it.

But everyone faces hurdles at some point.  Everyone comes across something unexpected.  And sometimes, the moments outside of perfection are some of the most memorable.  Just hopefully for good reasons. ;)

I decided that I would take some video of the process I go through trying to get just one good picture of the dogs.  This isn't a training process per se, though I could extrapolate on how these moments could potentially help your training and how to play into that, to further my own self justification for taking so many pictures of my dogs.  But I digress (and I'm a little tired, so inevitably this post is going to wander a bit), here is the stuff that happens in between getting that one picture...

Happy December 19th!

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