Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogmas Day 2 - The Unboxing of Christmas

Happy December 2nd!  And go me for not immediately falling off the Blogmas wagon. ;) The process of unboxing Christmas in my house, is exactly that.  A freaking process.  As I've mentioned, I love Christmas.  Which also means that I've accumulated quite a bit of Christmas related items through the years, whether it was by my own means or others who support and are entertained by my habit.  All of these Christmas items are stored in my attic for the other 11 months out of the year that it is commonly not acceptable to have them out.  Which means that I have to retrieve them all one by one down my somewhat rickety attic stairs and accumulate them in the garage, which gets dubbed the staging zone this time of year.

This year's retrieval of the boxes was not without incident, unfortunately.  In my excitement about the impending decorating, I managed to miss a critical hand grab of a beam and fell right through the hole in the attic where the stairs are, and down the stairs.  It was actually fairly lucky the way I fell because I could have been hurt a lot worse.  The fall thankfully only resulted in a scraped up left hand and some bruising on one leg and my back.  But not much will stop me and after some bandaging (I decided against taking pictures of the injuries), I finished the job.

From there it's a matter of going through each totes contents and figuring out how I'm going to go about decorating the house.  This year, thanks to finally getting around to getting some book shelves, I now have a place to put out my Christmas village!  And things are even up high enough that Dominic's tail can't destroy everything.

Naturally, the dogs are incredibly curious about everything that is going on.  This is Dominic's first Christmas with me, so he is extra curious about all the interesting things that he's never seen or experienced before.  I videoed a little bit of the process from getting the totes out of the attic to the dogs reactions to some of the animated toys that I have.  Probably the funniest clip involves Dominic's reaction to the Christmas dancing chicken.  I probably find him funnier because I live with him, but his reaction was just cracking me up.  Here's the video:

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