Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Kasha the Dainty Dane!! I know I'm a total sucker for pictures, but I just love all the snapshots that her mom takes of her! The dog pile picture with all the dog bones laid out on Kasha is quite impressive. And I'm especially fond of the series of photos with Kasha wearing different hats. So head on over and say hi!

As a side note, the dogs were quite bad while we were at work today. They tag teamed a brand new bottle of fish oil capsules. Heffner managed to chew off the top of the bottle because he's quite fond of finding ways to open things that have been shut to him. Inside what was left of the bottle were about 30-40 capsules. Our of an original 250. And since Heffner isn't fond of eating the fish oil capsules unless they're in something, that would leave the eating of the capsules to Bess, who does enjoy eating them plain. ARG!!! While the capsules themselves are not harmful to her, the calories that they contain are not good considering that I've been slowly taking some weight off of her. That's some where around 2,500 calories in one sitting. NOT okay!

I also wanted to answer a few questions about the tooth cleaning stuff and my dogs' teeth. I do have both dogs on a raw diet and they've been on it each for roughly two years. Raw meaty bones are part of their weekly routine. This is all part of the reason as to why I'm kind of confused as to how they still manage to have tartar build up on their teeth. I do use cooked treats for training, but not such a large volume that it should be making an impact on their teeth. I generally do training before they eat meals, so I would think that at least some of that eating process should help to get rid of any temporary tartar from the training treats. I don't know. I'm just befuddled!


The Thundering Herd said...

Thanks for the blogger link - a new one we had not checked out before.

And, Heff, the output from the fish oil incident may not be pretty.

brooke said...

Uh oh... od on fish oil! at least their coats will be nice and shiney!

I haven't got around to brushing Darwin's teeth, but I did take a look at them. And while her front teeth are clean, the back big teeth have a ilttle tartar building up. She eats kibble, but we also give her raw bone treats almost weekly....