Monday, February 22, 2010

Product of the Month

My pick for Product of the Month is Soft Handled Reinforced Udder Tug from Helping Udders! I bought this tug especially for Bess. I can motivate Heffner with other toys. Specifically any of the cuz variety. However, Bess likes to tug. And she won't tug with just anything. So I figured I'd give this a try since it's got that eau de bovine allure about it, I thought it might be especially enticing. She totally loves it! I only take it out when we're doing specific training and I want to use it to amp her up. It also holds up really well considering how she chomps on it. As an additional bonus, you get to pick your pet rescue of choice for a portion of the proceeds to go towards! It's like a double gift!:o) Here's a picture of me holding it for a size comparison.
As a side note, I took the dogs out running together for the first time as a trial run. I toned down Bess' run and pushed Heffner's a bit. We had a total success!! Granted it started off a little rough. Mostly because Bess acted like a demon possessed with her Gentle Leader on. We settled into a pretty good rhythm though and had a lovely run. Two thumbs up for them not killing me!:o)


M.T. said...

Now that's an interesting tug toy ... also, i must be really slow this week, but what is the "eau de bovine" in this context??????

Lindsay said...

These are recycled milk pumps, so they still have a little of the cow smell on them apparently. I can't actually smell it, but supposedly the dogs can.