Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Thoughts!

Well, most of the day has gotten away from me and I'm just plum beat! Today after work I got to go and do a home check for Violet's new home!! I am incredibly excited about this for many reasons! First of all, Violet's new parents are fabulous! I've talked to them on the phone and then they invited me into their home today and we chatted some more about all sorts of dog stuff pertaining to Violet. It was great and their just awesome people! I'm also excited because they're a relatively short distance from me. Yes, that means that I get to see Violet more!! Not only that, but I'm going to help train her for the conformation ring!! So I get to see her on a very regular basis.:o) I'm quite excited because of this and everything else that I was possibly thinking about posting about today has flitted right out of my head.:)

Before I head off, hows the teeth brushing and pedometer stuff going? We're holding steady on the teeth brushing so far. I've really got to come up with some more fun stuff to do with the pedometer because I'm kind of at a stand still as far as ideas of new challenges to do. Oh well! And we got an award that I will save until tomorrow to blog about!!


Emma Rose said...

I am still struggling with the pedometer. I have worn it faithfully but have not made any significant changes to the step count. :( Not giving up though :)

Kitty said...

Not so hot with the pedometer, but still going. I keep forgetting to put it on in the morning.
The teeth brushing we are doing although not everyday.