Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We have been having some ridiculously nice weather for the past few days. It's positively spring like with temperatures during the day right around 60 and not a cloud in the sky. Knowing that we had a lovely weekend ahead of us and I had plenty of things on the to do list, I took the dogs out for an early morning hike. I was also hoping for some spectacular views and was not disappointed. Saturday morning, hiking through the woods along the logging trails was just one of those mornings where you could almost give up everything and just hunker down for a simple life in the woods. The air was crisp, sweet, and exhilarating. The views were breathtaking. And the atmosphere was one of total serenity. It was honestly a little slice of heaven.

I had visions of getting up early and trying to hit the top of one of the hills right around sunrise, but that's pretty early. While we did get up early and got there at a very nice time of the morning, we did miss the sunrise. Oh yeah, and it's a two mile up hill trek to the top. I wasn't terribly interested in hauling butkiss up hill for 2 miles just for a sunrise. It was still a glorious morning regardless. Here are some of the pictures!

We had a GREAT time! Trying to capture still photos of Bess was exceedingly difficult as that required that she stand still for more than a split second. Apparently the mountain air was also VERY invigorating for her as well. She was just a fawn blur all over the place.

Once we got home I got a bit of a surprise from my husband. He was in a particularly giving mood and stated that he wanted to buy me something, but it couldn't be dog related. Now, I have a list handy at a moments notice of the plethora of dog related things that are on the "need" list. However, things that are NOT dog related are a little more difficult to just spew forth. Doing some quick thinking, and kind of figuring that it wasn't going to happen, I just threw out there that I wanted a one of the Cricut machines. I gave a bried description and then hopped in the shower, not fully believing that he would do it. They're also not terribly cheap. The smaller version is less expensive, but again, it's all relative. Much to my surprise, when he came back from running errands, he showed me my new Cricut machine!!!

**SQUEAL** I've been sort of secretly wanting one ever since I started reading the My Pink Stamper blog. The things that she can do with all the stuff there are so many options!! It just happened to be my lucky day and JoAnn's had them on sale for $85 (the smaller version that is)!This will definitely come in handy for scrapbooking.:o)

After the excitement of getting my new toy, we had to hurry up and head out to Browns Camp for some off roading fun!! I was mistaken when I originally said that we were going mudding. I don't have the right tires for that, and it's also really helpful to have a winch on the front of your truck for when you get stuck.:) Unfortunately a lot of the 4-wheel drive trails are now restricted to ATVs, but we did manage to still have some fun! I need to build up my skill set a bit before I tackle some of those trails. I should have taken pictures while we were riding in Jeremy's FJ. The trails are tight, twisty, and fun! I kind of think that my truck might be a bit too long to make some of those turns that are in between trees. We left my truck on the side of the real road so that we could ride along with Jeremy to get the full experience.

And holy redneck haven Batman!!LOL Seriously! It was hilarious! There were crazy ATV drivers EVERYWHERE! To the point where just driving the trucks along the main road was a little hairy at times. There was Pabst Blue Ribbon in abundance, ATVs EVERYWHERE, and to top it off, lots of target practice.:) I have to admit, I grew up very rural, and this kind of took me back to being a kid and having that kind of fun. It was hilarious to watch the living translation of the stereotypes.

Today I finished packaging up all the meat. Woo hoo!!! I'm glad that's done for another three months. I tinkered around with my new toy. And I even managed to get the dogs out to enjoy the good weather and burn off some energy. I didn't end up getting them out to the dog park to work on obedience with distractions. There just wasn't enough time today to fit everything in. That'll be the goal for next week.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

most gorgeous pics--please give us some of that nice weather--grrr!!!

Major said...

The shadow photos are really clever,
your new friend Major xx