Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Dogs Are the Best Medicine!

Today was a sick day for me. That doesn't happen all that often, which also explains why I have so much sick time built up. I woke up feeling fine. Great even. This morning was a ball work morning for the dogs and Heffner's first morning back into this part of the routine since early December. I was pretty excited and the morning actually went really well. Both dogs were listening great and very eager to do whatever exercises I asked them to. It was a great training morning. Then around about 7am after everyone had been fed and I was just sitting down in front of the computer to eat my breakfast and do some vegging out before leaving for work, I started having an icky feeling in my stomach. This icky feeling turned into some serious stomach cramping. I figured it would just be a passing thing and be gone in a few minutes. But it stuck around. Finally after a half hour of this I realized there was no way that I was going to make it into work let alone down the stairs to get my truck keys. I tried laying down on the floor in the hopes that it would go away, but no such luck.

During that time, the dogs were in the media room in their post morning activity and breakfast snooze zone. Eventually Heffner meandered into the office as he usually does at least once before I leave for work, just to sort of check on me. At this point I was laying down on the floor. He gave me a thorough sniffing over and I think he may have thought I was playing a game. There was some light pawing, which got him pretty much no response. Finally he resorted to dragging his lips over my face and nearly suffocating me! It's one of his favorite things to do when being blatantly obnoxious doesn't get my attention. Most commonly employed when I'm sitting at the computer and he drags his lips over my mouse hand. Trust me, it gets my attention!

At any rate, his walking around and the fact that he wasn't returning to the media room to lay down must have alerted Bess to the fact that something was going on. When she got in there she also had to give me a thorough going over. Instead of dragging her lips over my face, her trade mark move is to sniff the heck out of my ear canal. I'm pretty sure that she sucked any possible ear wax that may have been residing in there, right out! And holy loud sniffing Batman!!

I pretty much ignored the dogs until they settled down. Of their own volition they finally settled into the positions that you see in the picture. This is right about the time that Adam came into the office to do the final part of his morning routine and where he found me. Naturally, I had our camera sitting on my desk and he used the opportunity to snap a picture. I do have to admit that even though I felt like crap at that point, it is an adorable picture!:)

I'm feeling a fair bit better now, just a wee bit "off." But definitely well enough to do some toe nail painting and do some picture taking of the dogs for Valentine's Day!!:) Bess has a dog show this weekend so there was no way that I was going to paint her toe nails tonight only to have to take it off tomorrow. But I'm really loving this new pink nail polish color that I picked up! I think I'm going to have to try it out on her next week! Anyhow, here are Heffner's toe nails:
And here are some of the pictures I took tonight!

And the shot that I decided to go ahead and submit for week 6 of 52 Weeks for Dogs is:
After looking back over the pictures, I wish that I had used the close up mode so that his toes were the most in focus. I think that would have been a neat shot. Over all, I just wanted a fun shot for the upcoming holiday.:)

And in the end, my dogs always manage to make me feel better! Even when they're laying all over me, it is comforting to have them there.:)


Kitty said...

Puppy cuddles are the best, huh? Feel better soon.
I just bought a Dremel last week and am starting the weekly dremeling of nails. Kira is utterly terrified of nail clippers (always has been) and I never was able to desensitize her enough to do her nails without a holder. Neither dog loves the dremel but it makes chicken happen and they do like that.
I think I may paint Kira's nails this weekend. I love the pics of Heff and Bess. They are adorable.!

M.T. said...

Awww, sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, hope you're all better now! And i have to agree, dogs make the best medicine, especially for the soul :)

That pink on Heff's toe nails is just SCREAMING lol

Brenda's Arizona said...

Love the photos. Our dogs ARE the best tonic, once they get it in their mind to be so! Photo for week 6 is just a hoot!

brooke said...

Aww hope you feel better! Darwin loves to drag her lips all over me too and lick my ears. haha. I love your pictures when you dress up Bess and Heffner! They are so cute! I like that you can see Heffner's eye through the heart shaped glasses!

Emma Rose said...

I think you chose the best shot. I think it's great! Hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your weekend.

Have a nice Valentines Day!