Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Toofers Challenge!

We've made it through one week of daily tooth brushing! Hows everyone doing?? I didn't really expect that much of a difference after one week, but maybe there's a glimmering of some plaque loss. Here are Heffner's chompers today:
They pretty much look the same as Week 1's picture. And here are Bess' from today:
Again, they're pretty much the same.

Not much else is going on here. As of this Wednesday Heffner will get to slowly go back to normal exercise!!! It's really going to be nice to burn off a little more of his energy. He was pretty good for a while once we moved him up to two walks a day. Lately, though, he's just been all sorts of pent up. I'm sure the really nice weather that we've been having hasn't helped any either.


Wild Dingo said...

Two words: Raw bones! I've never had so much success with clean teeth and breath as I've had by feeding them 1 or 2 raw bones/week. Knuckles are the best. they grind them down and cleans the plaque right off. Of course my dog's raw diet helps a lot too; less plaque build up from the carbs in kibble.

but i don't know - you may already be doing these things!
you're a better mom than me. i dont' think i could ever brush. gross! ;)

My sibe came to us at 12 months old with BROWN teeth. i switched them to raw and within a few months her teeth got so much cleaner. only a tiny bit of plaque on them now.

kiwichick said...

I have to agree with the raw bones. My dogs teeth all five of them(dogs that is) look great.

Schwang said...

How are you getting them to stay still while you brush?