Sunday, January 9, 2011

And Now the Video

I took a bunch of little video clips yesterday while at the sled dog races. A shot of the parking lot, some shots of dogs getting hitched up to their teams, and lots of shots of various teams leaving the race shoot. As a warning, you may want to start out with the volume either completely off or turned way down. There's a lot of crazy dog noises!


Catalina said...

That was really neat! I've always wanted to see what that looked like. Those sled dogs are crazy!! Were some of them labs? Looks like a ton of fun!

houndstooth said...

What perfect weather for that! I hope it was as much fun as it looked like.

We were out hiking today and I could barely keep up with Bunny going across the ice. I don't see keeping up on skis going much better! lol

Kennedy said...

Awesome! The sled dogging looks like a lot of fun. Those dogs are all crazy excited to go run.