Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh The Weekend

With me being home this weekend, we had a nice relaxing time of it. Saturday morning I met up with a newbie to the dog show world. I brought Bess along as well so that her dog could get used to working with a dog ahead of and behind him. I also wanted the handler to have a chance to try working with a dog that was already trained so that she could kind of get a feel for what she was working towards. She's going to be starting in the conformation ring with a bang, having RCC as her very first dog show! Exciting stuff!

It was kind of fun though because I never do any conformation practice with Bess any more. She knows what she needs to do and she does it well. Even so, I was still so happy with how she was doing! She's just so stinkin' cute!

After that, it was back home to finish packing up all the Christmas decorations. THAT was a chore! And it took forever. Thankfully we're ahead of the game this year though. Last year we didn't get the multitudes of boxes back up into the attic until July; at which point it almost felt pointless. We just sort of crammed all the boxes into a spare bedroom and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind! This year we got it all completely put away. Quite nice!

My original plan for today was to go snowshoeing with some friends. Unfortunately we've been seeing some unseasonably warm weather in our area the past few days. The day time temps have been in the mid to upper fifties. Pretty crazy for January. These warm temps have also reached up onto the mountain. Today alone the lower elevations of the Mt. Hood were expected to get six inches of rain. Not six inches of snow, but six inches of rain. Super sucky! Not the kind of conditions that make snowshoeing fun at all. Instead I ended up taking Bess out for a little hike and it was actually pretty nice. We were mostly protected from the rain and it had actually started to slack off by the time we hit the trail head. I put her raincoat on about half way through, but didn't bother with one for me. It ended up being a really nice outing and she most certainly needed the exercise!

Once Bess and I got back, it was time to tackle our spare bedroom. The room had kind of turned into a crap repository. We cleared out a few things, but here are the before pictures:

After a whole lotta rearranging, filling a big box of stuff that could be thrown out, and an even bigger pile of stuff to be taken to Goodwill, here is the end result:

I now have a scrapbooking/crafting room!! I'm so excited! And I actually have a room where I can also prominently display the dane related stuff that I've been accumulating.:0)

In the process of cleaning up and off the desk, I uncovered some packets of pictures that had been sitting there forever. As I started leafing through the pictures I realized just how old they were. I found the majority of pictures I took of Heffner when he was a puppy!!! I'd tried looking for the pictures before, but had struck out. These pictures were back when I still had my film camera and was fighting the move to the digital. I now have no idea why on earth I was so stubborn about switching to digital, but I was. I'm going to spend some time tonight scanning in all those pictures. He used to be so LITTLE!!

I also have this random little video clip of Heffner trying to dig Adam out of a sleeping bag. Our projector is currently in another state getting fixed. In the mean time, we've got a TV in the office. We pulled in a sleeping bag, some pillows, and a comforter and with the dog beds on either side of us, we've got quite the cozy little TV watching next going on. Anyhow, here's Heffner having some fun with Adam!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Emma Rose said...

Your crafting room looks great! And we really enjoyed the video. LOL! Too cute :)