Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

I thought of another goal that I have for this year! I think I mentioned at some point last year that I wanted to add in a little clicker training, or something along those lines. I didn't really do that. Well this year, I'm going for and I've actually already been following through with it! I started out with some clicker basics that I picked up from Jennifer over at Never Say Never Greyhounds. I liked her idea about introducing the clicker using an empty yogurt cup.

In part I want to add in the clicker so that I can nit pick our obedience work a little more. So a sub-part of the general clicker goal, is to once a month find some aspect of one of the obedience exercises that I want to work on specifically with the clicker to sort of fine tune. For this month, I'm working on fronts. Both dogs have a tendency to sit further away from me than I would like on their fronts. I'm hoping that bringing in the clicker will help to adjust that and I think I'm already starting to see a small change. It doesn't hurt that it gives me more incentive to actually practice what needs fixing.;o)

The second sub-part of this goal is that I want to train the dogs on random tricks. Something to spice things up a bit and do something out of the ordinary. The main problem that I have is that I'm not terribly original. And sometimes I'm lazy. I like it when someone can spell things out for me and give me ideas of what to work on. Videos are a definite plus! And that's where my Blog of the Week comes in! I picked Smooth Sailin' Agility, because she has started a weekly trick thread! She gives the trick, describes how she broke it down and then gives a video demo. Perfect! Oh yes, and they do agility.:)

I'm also videoing each of our practices for at least my own benefit. I'll probably periodically post at least some of the videos. This is definitely helping to make training a little more fun!

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Catalina said...

Looking forward to the videos! I started training Tibby on the 'frisk 'em" trick that Soomth Sailin' Agility showed this week. It's fun!