Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

Oh boy, oh boy! Tomorrow the big Rose City Classic officially starts!! Wednesday is normally the day of specialties and then the next four days are all breed shows. It's kind of nice to start the week off with a lower key day to ease into the chaos that then ensues. I'm looking forward to the shows more than I was last year and I'm not entirely sure why. I've got more on my plate this time around and it's still the same ole chaos, and yet, I'm rather excited.:0) I will try to update and post pictures as I have time, but I'm not entirely sure how much time at home I will have.

In the spirit of all things dog show, my pick for Blog of the Week is entirely about just that! I have appropriately picked Dog Show Poop for this week's featured blog! While you don't get the details of all the individual breed results, you do get to hear about the group winners and who got what at which show. I love it when I start recognising the top dogs in the nation! So if dog shows are your thing and you want to better keep up on the tops rankings, this blog is for you!


jen said...

Good Luck at the show!!
I love Dog Show Poop!!!!

Kenneth Copeland said...

Good luck!