Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Musings

Or maybe I should title this Monday Ramblings. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a rambling thread the way I have various thoughts bouncing around in my head. It all started in the middle of the night with a bad dream. A very bad dream. Probably fueled by the the fact that I was a bit over caffeinated yesterday and lots of focus on Heffner. As I've mentioned, Heffner is turning five on Sunday. An otherwise inauspicious age, except that I'm a worrier and he's had some back problems more recently that have me contemplating a lot of things in regards to his age. And then there were all the puppy pictures that I found of him yesterday during our clean up of the now crafting room. At any rate, the boy was on my mind more so than usual. In this awful dream, Heffner died. It's an inconceivable thing right now, but it's out there lurking some where in our future. I don't really want to go into it, but I woke up sobbing from it. Kind of a crappy way to "start" the day. Thankfully things did get better from there!

Today is a holiday, and after a brief pop into work to take care of a few minor things, I took the dogs out tracking! I was much nicer to Heffner this time and he did quite well on his tracks. The first track in particular he was actually following the track and not necessarily focusing on the treats. Two thumbs up! Bess also had a good time with her tracks, but I think I need to space the food drops out more. I'm pretty sure that she again found every single dropped treat. Which lead to a belly full of hot dogs and a dog who wasn't as interested in her last track. More to think of for next time!

From there we went home, the dogs chilled while I ate some lunch and packed up the truck for our obedience lesson. It was a good lesson as always and I really appreciate that our instructor keeps reminding me of how far each dog has come. I'm getting nit picky with some things, and with improvements coming in smaller increments, it's great to have a positive outside source letting you know that yes, things are coming along.:)

From there we headed home and the dogs got their weekly currying. I'm still amazed at how much hair I'm able to get off of Heffner every single week. It's still nothing compared to when he's really blowing coat, but it's still a lot more than I get off of Bess!

After doing some floor cleaning, I fed the dogs and finished scanning in the film pictures of Heffner. It's just so fun to look back on those pictures and remember how little he was and how ridiculously cute he was too!

And now we're going to do some trick training! I could get used to days like this.;0)


houndstooth said...

We all need days like that, well, sans the nightmares! :)

Jennifer H. said...

Oh I HATE nightmares like that. :( Horrible way to start the day indeed!

But the rest of the day sounded great and I must say after reading about all that I feel like a total slacker!! LOL

brooke said...

What an awful dream! Ugh. I hate dreams like that.