Monday, January 3, 2011

New Addition....

he he he.....had you thinking that I was getting a puppy didn't I?>:o) No puppy on the horizon, but I am going to be adding to the monthly roster of topics that I want to touch on. The new category is DVDs! We gradually accumulate some, are interested in others, unsure of some, and a lot of times want to know if a DVD is worth spending the money on. I figured that I would give my two cents on some of the DVDs that we've accumulated so far and maybe others will comment and give other recommendations of chime in with their takes on the DVDs. To start the year off, my pick for DVD of the month for January is Amy Stevens' Yoga 4 Dogs.
Now that the weather is quite cold outside and we're usually at work doing the actual hours of day light, we tend to turn to finding different ways to exercise our dogs indoors. When I read a little blurb about this DVD I was a little skeptical, but it wasn't so expensive that I thought I would regret it if it wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

Well, I'll save you the waste of money and say don't bother getting this DVD. You're much better off getting a DVD for humans and then figuring out how to incorporate your dog if you can. What most surprised me is that I expected a DVD that had good examples of the exercises and working with the dog. With the ability to edit videos and do multiple takes, I expected essentially flawless examples. Not really the case. The golden that she uses actually got up and went completely off camera a few times and she just carried on with the human yoga moves. The moves are also very basic that she demonstrates. The involvement of the dog is basically having the dog laying down next to you with you occasionally petting them. Call me crazy, but if that's how dogs do yoga, then my guys do that every day while I'm at work!

Overall, I was disappointed in the video and didn't find it worth while at all. I've got regular yoga DVDs that I'm sure I could look over and figure out where to possibly fit my dogs in, if at all.

Small Heffner update. He's doing much better and he's going to see a certified canine chiropractor on Wednesday and we'll go from there!


houndstooth said...

Thanks for the review! If you ever find a good yoga with dogs DVD, I'd love to know. I was just reminded recently about how much I miss yoga, and it would really be nice to be able to share it with the dogs!

Jennifer H. said...

What a tease!!! LOL So happy to hear that Heff is doing much better! :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Ha! Thanks for the warning!