Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Here comes 2011! Adam and I spent the night in Portland ringing in the new year with some friends of ours. We had things set up with my wonderful in-laws to let the pooches out later in the evening and then again this morning, so that we wouldn't have to worry. We enjoyed ourselves, even though we spent some time walking around the city in the frigid weather.

Remember how optimistic I was yesterday in my goals post? I felt good because this year, I was on better footing with both dogs than I was at this time last year when Heffner was recovering from his iliopsoas strain. Wellllll, I spoke a little too soon. I have a feeling that it's nothing major and I'm taking precautionary steps to hopefully make sure that it doesn't bloom into anything, but Heffner tweaked something this morning when we got home. I let the dogs out to potty and then did something in the house. When I let them back in, Heffner was greatly favoring his front left leg. I figured he tweaked something and that it was just going to take a minute or two for it to resolve. Well it didn't, and he was acting like he was in a fair bit of pain. After both dogs ate, I gave him some buffered aspirin and got them both settled down for a little chillage. I was hoping that the aspirin combined with the down time would get everything back to rights. Not so much. By late this afternoon he was still favoring the leg. I massaged the whole shoulder and neck area and put a heating pad on the area for a while. It seemed to helped loosen things up a bit and he doesn't seem to be in as much pain. I'm continuing on with the heating pad while we're chilling and watching a movie right now. Hopefully by the morning things will be considerably better. Regardless, he's not going to be going on the little hike that I had planned on.:(

On the up side, I got to go play with some other doggies today!:) Adam's aunt Kathy got the go ahead to get a vizsla puppy (their vizsla, Phoebe, passed away from leukemia this past year) as her Christmas present. Talk about a great present! She did some research on reputable breeders and found what she was looking for. I was lucky enough that she asked me to go along and give my opinion of the breeder and the pregnant bitch. She picked very well and I really like the breeders that's she going with. The dogs are also awesome! If I weren't so sold on great danes, I would be hard pressed not to try and convince Adam that we needed a puppy from this litter! I just LOVED the sire and dam! I'm also excited because she has decided to get a show puppy! Which means that her puppy will be hitting the conformation ring later this summer! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I'm really excited for her to get her puppy!


Sam said...

Happy New Year to you guys, too. It was great to meet you in 2010 and we look forward to hearing more about Heff and Bess's adventures this year.

I hope Heffner's leg feels better soon. They always get banged up right when we want to do something fun, it seems. Hope he gets to hike soon.

houndstooth said...

Sometimes I find myself more excited for friends and family getting new puppies than I am for myself! lol It means all the spoiling without the work!

I hope Heff feels better soon. Most Greyhound owners feel a huge twist of panic over a limp. Fingers crossed that he's on the mend soon!

rottrover said...

Hi Lindsey and thanks for stopping by our blog! I love Danes and yours are beautiful. My dogs are jealous of all the fun stuff you get to do. I can't wait to find out how your goals for this year pan out. And hope Heff's leg is better soon.